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Radio Bicester

Bicester's community radio station, part of yWe Media.

What is Radio Bicester?

Radio Bicester was founded with the vision of allowing the people of Bicester to follow their passions for media. Founded by three teenagers in 2013, this community media organisation is filled with passion for community media and new technologies.

Now in 2019 we are moving into the next generation taking the community media organisation already loved by many in Bicester to new heights. As of December 2018, we changed the way we broadcast and create community radio and bought it into the 21st century. On our homepage you will be displayed with a variety of different shows in a similar style of major streaming services. Each week new shows are uploaded to the platform for the people of Bicester and Oxfordshire to stream.

Why do we bother?

Radio Bicester is run by a team of 40 volunteers, the main reason we all get out bed in the morning to run this media organisation is to pursue media opportunities and to create excellent content. Our management team works really hard to provide a environment that our presenters can be creative in.

Here are a few snippets of presenters experiences:

“Radio Bicester gives me the opportunity to play the music I love, regardless of genre or style, to people who love music.” - Jez, The Tarka Blowpig Music Show

“Radio Bicester gave me the confidence I always wanted growing up! I’d like to think it’s the start of my journey as a top radio presenter!” - Archie, It’s A Sporty One

“Hosting the Business Lunch show gives me a chance to stretch my public speaking skills, especially vocal variety, and also to be seen differently and 'stand out' more as a business coach/mentor.” - Ben, Business Lunch

“I love music, like really love it and my passion is vinyl. So getting to share things that people may never have listened to before on a format they may just be starting to explore or expanding brings me a lot of pleasure.” - Lee, Just For The Record.

Our managing director believes that community media should be made by the community for the community: “With the growth of technology and social media we as a society feel closer than ever. The reality, however, is that we are using these tools in the wrong way and they are preventing us from have true meaningful relationships with others.

Radio Bicester is designed to give the local community a powerful voice. Our goal is to use the power of technology and social media to keep our sense of community. We do this by creating content that matters and that brings us together as people.

With that in mind, our team are always on the look out for opportunities to continue innovating. We want to develop without loosing touch with the people who create and listen to our content. We love the community so much, that is yWe Media. ” - Naddy Fuentes, Managing Director.

yWe Media

Set up by the founder and owner of Radio Bicester, yWe Media is a group of community media organisations that has the vision of regenerating community led media across the country.

About yWe Media

How can you help?

We are always on the look out for new presenters, producers, videographers, photographers and people, that are interested in becoming part of the Radio Bicester family. With studios in the town centre, Radio Bicester is easy to access and the heart of Bicester’s media community. Want to find out how you can get involved, check our Facebook page for specific job posts or just send us an email to: family@radiobicester.co.uk with a note about what you are interested in.

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Want to get involved in our project, join yWe! We are always looking for creators, producers, management members and more!

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Radio Bicester survives on advertising revenue. To do this we have created a series of really awesome and modern digital advertising packages. Next time you, or a business you know, needs help spreading the word, come and talk to us.

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Believe there is a place for community led media? Talk about it, share your opinion and help us spread the message to the people you know. We really care about local communities and want them to continue.

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