Do we really want a McDonald's in Bicester?

McDonalds Bicester

The people want it, so let's get it! Every time I go onto Facebook to check my notifications or to check up on my friends, I always come across a post in either Bicester Town Chat, Bicester Community and the others, asking the question about whether or not a McDonald's is coming to Bicester.

This is something that has been going on for years now! I remember speculation that McDonald's was going to buy that bit of land where Ponting's Car Dealership was. Then it was a unit in town, then a bit of land by Caversfield and now opposite Tesco where that brand new office park is supposed to be.

Do we really want a McDonald's in Bicester? I mean really?

Obviously so! Why don’t you let us know your thoughts below, and if we have an overwhelming yes, then we will start asking some questions to get the people what they want. Comment below: