Radio Bicester Joins Oxon Media Group!

Oxon Media Aquisition

It's weird having to acquire yourself! But I suppose this is just one of those moments where you pinch yourself to see if you are dreaming!

As Radio Bicester Media C.I.C has grown over the years, our management team has always looked at different ways of impacting on our local marketplace. In 2015 we launched our very own community led magazine, called The Bicester Magazine, which was a fantastic success and have also led a variety of other community-driven projects within the local community.

As we continue to grow as an organisation, we are now beginning to target a wider audience throughout Oxfordshire, so to accommodate this growth, we created Oxon Media.

Oxon Media is a new company that is designed to operate and manage a variety of media outlets across Oxfordshire and the United Kingdom. Obviously being our first child, Oxon Media has added Radio Bicester to its portfolio of media outlets.

It's an exciting time here at Radio Bicester / Oxon Media HQ and the future is looking very, very bright!

Onwards and Upwards!

Written by Samuel John Isaacs
Managing Director of Oxon Media
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