About Bicester's Media Organisation

Bicester - St Edburgs Church

We are Oxfordshire's community radio station!
Based in Bicester we aim to serve top quality community radio to the whole of Oxfordshire. Starting in 2013 as Spare Moment Online, Radio Bicester has constantly changed and developed into what it is today. Here's a timeline:

Who's who?

The Board: Samuel Isaacs - Managing Director. Miles Davies - Operations Director. Steven Fulford - Director of Technology (Radio).

Managment Commitee: David Edmondson - General Manager. Adam Childs - Partnership and Digital Marketing Manager. Sean Dukes - Commitee Member. Thomas Bunting - Comittee Member. All of our presenters and producers are also part of the managment commitee!

We make sure that everybody is a part of this project, we work with some of the most vulnerable in society, and give them a voice and opportunity to present, write, design, edit and maintain their own radio shows.

We also have an awesome team of producers and presenters that are all volunteers! If we did not have them then we would not be on the internet radio waves. If you would like to join our team and contribute to its growth please get in touch here.

Download our app and bookmark this website. Head over to our schedule page to see when all of our fabulous shows are on air. Have any questions? Why not get in contact? We will also promote your local events, so drop us a line for us to pick it up. Email: studio@radiobicester.co.uk