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My Vision. Why this route?

Always Available

One of the main problems with live internet radio is that you have to tune in at a specific time. The yWe Media platform, removes this barrier, you can now listen to your fav shows anytime!

The Future of Community

As the world becomes more digital, so will our communities. As online platforms are becoming more popular, we decided to transform our community into the 22nd Century.

Shorter, fine tunned radio.

The new yWe format comes with some changes to our show length. In order to get a better more fine tuned experience, we are now operating our shows at 45 mins instead of an hour.

Societal Change

Netflix, YouTube, Amazon, these are all household names. Who watches TV live anymore? That’s the way the world works now, so let’s do this with our community radio!

Additional Content

Who is Samuel Isaacs?

I'm Samuel, a creative entrepreneur that has an interest in bringing your dreams to life. Whether that's a new business you'd like to start or a new website, I like using my skills and expertise to help people with their business and online presence...

Sam's Top Ten

Picking ten tracks is really really hard. But here are the ones that get played on repeat, you know the ones that come on at that event, or in the bar on a Friday night that you just have to dance to, or sing all the lyrics too...