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Gig Review: The Autumn Saints – Oxford 02 Academy

Since reviewing the six track mini album by Anglo-American country rockers The Autumn Saints, I have been desperate to experience these brilliant musicians in a live situation. It was therefore with great...

Album Review: Anthems To The Wind – Merry Hell

Now, I’ll make an admission here. I have a deep love and admiration for Merry Hell, the self described folk rock good time charabanc from the north west of England...

Why Tarka Blowpig?

Many have tried to guess the reasons behind the Tarka Blowpig name and have failed. It all stated when Jez and his quiz team won the impossible quiz at a local pub quiz, as a prize the team became the new quizmasters, with this new power they began to think of a company name. After a few beers and whilst watching Tarka the Otter, The Tarka Blowpig name was born...

Jez's top ten hit

Every person has a different taste in music, which is why it is so interesting to find out what are the top 10’s, the golden few that you are just in love with. Here are Jez’s.